A Full Day w/ The Brewers

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Woke up early Saturday morning to take care of some business as it was still Friday back in the US. I have really enjoyed the process of working mornings and evenings and having my days to myself. When we get back to San Diego that won’t be possible, but on this trip it is 🙂

Tim was up pretty early and he decided to put together a big BBQ breakfast for everyone. The BBQ would become a focal point of our day. Tim and I headed over to the super market to pick up breakfast fixings and then headed back to the house to start cooking. I then headed out again to get Drew’s iPhone and iPad fixed and returned just in time for my final call of the morning and for a wonderful bacon, eggs, mushroom, onion and tomato feast. It was really yummy. We spent most of the morning running errands as Tim and Vicki had invited a small gathering for a BBQ that evening so we could meet some family and friends.

Sunset in front of the Brewer home.
Sunset in front of the Brewer home.

Tim and I also had an opportunity to go for a short hike and a swim in the Indian Ocean in the early afternoon. Tim got stung by a jellyfish on the neck, which I don’t believe he enjoyed much at all. Over the two days together we had ample time to talk about life, business, family and so many other topics. At the young age of 37, I find Tim to be extremely thoughtful and intelligent, but most impressive is his sense of purpose in his life. Tim is obviously smart, but he is using that intelligence to inspire others and to make the world a better place. If I spend the rest of my life only interacting with others like Tim that I will die a happy man!

Ilise and some new friends enjoying the BBQ!
Ilise and some new friends enjoying the BBQ!

We finished our swim and the entire house was being transformed for a wonderful evening. Around 5:30 people started to arrive and the BBQ was going. One of Tim’s new business associates, Jeff, who just moved here from South Africa with his wife and kids, took over the cooking duties. It turns out that Jeff has two teenage children, so Drew and Noah had some additional kids to play with. The party was just great. We had some wonderful conversations and heard some really funny stories about everyone around the table.

Same sunset reflected in their front window
Same sunset reflected in their front window

Around 6:30 the sun started to set and Drew and I went out in front of the house to see the spectacular setting. This made me think about how much I am looking forward to our new house and seeing the sun set on a daily basis. We are so blessed to have the things we have in life and just enjoying the simple beauty of nature is one of them. The night ended with a lot of tired people all having eaten very well and great conversations with new friends.

Tim’s kids were so nice to us and Karley that it seemed like we could have spent much more time at their home. We look forward to seeing Tim and family in the future, hopefully in San Diego, but also maybe in Perth some day soon.

To a life well lived!


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