Heading to the Brewers

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Tim Brewer
Tim Brewer

I met Tim Brewer back in the US over a year ago at IT Nation. I must thank Joe Panettieri for making the introduction at a small gathering in his hotel room. Tim was in the US working for ConnectWise and a few other companies while his family joined him. Tim has two kids, a 10 year old daughter named Tiana and a 8 year old son named Jed. Tim’s wife’s name is Vicki and together they are a wonderful family. They were living in the US for a year with 6 months in Tampa and 6 months in Newport Beach. Tim and I had lunch in San Clemente a few weeks before they headed back to Perth last winter and we talked about our family’s trip this year and that we would find some time together on our journey.

Over the past year Tim has been very generous, making introductions to individuals he thought might be useful on our travels. When we arrived in Australia back in late January we discussed our plans and time in Perth and he suggested that we spend a few days in Margaret River and then we could stay at his home over the weekend before we leave, which is what we did. We left Margaret River on Friday morning and arrived at the Brewer home around 1:15 pm, plopped our bags in the house, met Tim’s wife and daughter and then headed to a hair salon for Ilise and Drew to get a haircut. Noah decided to head out with Tim and his family to watch their son, Jed, play soccer.

While Ilise and Drew got a haircut I decided it would be good for me to do the same, so now we are all looking neat and trim 🙂

Kangaroos at Yanchep National Park
Kangaroos at Yanchep National Park

After the haircuts we stopped at a local mall to see if we could get Drew’s iPhone and iPad fixed. Over the past 3 weeks her phone got water damage and Friday when we arrived at the Brewer home she dropped her iPad and shattered the screen. So, if we would have gone to Apple it would have cost over $600 to get both fixed. We ended up finding a shop that completed the repairs for half of that price. After hitting the mall we headed north to a national park called Yanchep National Park. The park is filled with kangaroos and koalas so walked around taking lots of pictures.

More kangaroos at Yanchep
More kangaroos at Yanchep

After Yanchep we headed to the facility where Jed was playing soccer and caught up with Tim, Vicki, Tiana and Jed and headed off to a fish and chips dinner by the ocean. Tim and Vicki live about ¼ mile from the ocean with amazing views from the front of their house. The beach where we had dinner was also very nice and the kids started to get to know each other. By the time we got in the cars to go get dessert, Drew went with the Brewer family with Tiana and Jed came with us. Dessert was ice cream at a knock off of Cold Stone, which we very good.

We headed back to their home and had a quiet night. We headed to bed pretty early as I had a 5 AM call the next morning. All in all, it was a productive day and we were situated close to our next airport where we were to head to Dubai on Sunday.

To be continued …..


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