Traveling to Dubai

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We left the Brewer’s home around 6 AM heading to the Perth Airport. We had a 9 AM flight on Thai Air and wanted to make sure we weren’t late. We arrived around 7 AM giving us a full two hours to get settled, return the rental car and start our full day journey to Dubai. The car rental was simple, just park the car and drop the keys at the counter. Most of the travel experiences we have had remind me of the old days of business travel in the US. There were very loose inspection stations, returning cars was just drop and go and the flight attendants have been really nice and care taking.

Our first flight was 5 hours from Perth to Bangkok (BTW, Noah loves the name of that city. Oh to be a 13 year old boy again). We were told at the checkin that we could use the Quantas Air Lounge while we waited for our flight, which we did. The flight took off with very little drama and we were heading to our next destination. We had spent almost a full 7 weeks in Australia and I believe we covered most of what we wanted. If we were to go back to Australia it would be to see people again, I feel like we saw most of the beauty that Australia has to offer. I’m not sure the same will be true on the rest of our travels since we are spending far less time in any one country.

We landed safely in Bangkok, headed to the Thai Airlines Lounge and stayed there until our 7 hour flight was ready to go. This flight was also pretty seamless and we arrived in Dubai around 8 PM local time, which was around midnight in Perth. We got through immigration rather quickly, picked up our bags and headed out of the airport. The experience was pretty amazing, no Customs inspecting our bags, really it seemed like we were in a US airport taking a flight from one city to the next. The language that we heard everywhere was English, which caught me by surprise. I was expecting something different.

We headed out with our bags and got into a taxi to head to Dave and Kara Cole’s home in Dubai, Dave and Kara were introduced to us by friends in San Diego and they have so generously invited us to stay at their apartment. We arrived around 10:30 PM, got ourselves settled and Ilise went off to bed. She had a few tough nights sleeping in Perth so she was exhausted. Turns out she had a wonderful night’s sleep, which is good for everyone. I stayed up and talked with Dave and Kara until about midnight, along with Noah. We are very excited about our two days here as we will head to the desert tonight to have a traditional desert meal and tomorrow will be a full day of sightseeing in Dubai. We will probably meet the Cole family for dinner after they are done with school.

So, time to go enjoy the day and now that I’m up to date on blogs. I promise to avoid any places that don’t have wifi so I don’t have to do an entire week’s worth of blogs in a day!

To a life well lived!


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