Inspired, Proud, Grateful & Living My Purpose

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Cliff-jumping-CaliforniaAs I awake before 6 am without an alarm clock on the day of our 20th wedding anniversary, all I can feel is pride and joy. I started an amazing journey back in 1993 when I left the corporate world to start my entrepreneurial journey. I met my wife, Ilise, about 5 years later and then came one child, our daughter Drew, in 2000. Then 2 months after 9-11 came our second child, a son named Noah. Today our daughter is a freshman at Colorado State and our son is 16 years old junior in high school. I’m exceedingly proud of both of them as they become the people they were born to be. They inspire me with their brilliance and who they are becoming.

In addition to our children, I’m proud to have experienced 20 years of marriage to the same person, someone who is kind and generous, someone who has a huge heart and someone who is the perfect compliment in my life. Twenty year relationships are never easy, and ours has had it’s challenges along the way, including a bout with cancer, a move across the country and the joy of numerous trips around the globe. When I look back at my life in this moment, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m also proud to have an amazing relationship with each member of my family, from my wife to our children, my parents, my siblings, my in-laws and both of our extended families. To me and Ilise, family is everything!

On top of the many blessings of our family, I am blessed to be sitting in the back yard of a dream home in San Diego where I get to look at the ocean every day. You walk in the front door and our home puts you at ease. We have all the comforts we’ll ever need and periodically we do a project to make our home even nicer. We get to see sunsets while cooking from a bbq and this year we invested to make our garage so much nicer.

Finally, having chosen an entrepreneurial journey has been a marvelous career choice. Before we went on our global journey in 2015 I told someone I didn’t want to live an ordinary life, and I believe we have accomplished that. I sit here this morning in gratitude, knowing that what I’m doing, and what I’ve done is perfect. I’m becoming the person I was born to be, comfortable in my own skin and able to show up in the world as fully expressed as I’ve ever been. I know that there will be more challenges in the future, yet today, on August 30, 2018, I feel whole and complete, I feel grateful and inspired, I feel proud and motivated and I feel like I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Happy 20th Anniversary Ilise, to 20 more years that are even more beautiful than the last 20!

To a life well lived!



One thought on “Inspired, Proud, Grateful & Living My Purpose

    foodkibbitzer said:
    August 30, 2018 at 6:33 am

    What beautiful sentiments! Mazel Tov on 20 years- what a great family you have! I’m so glad to be close to you all. XOXO

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