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Last week I wrote about moving from a doing to a being and living your purpose. Someone left a comment about the fact that they would love to pursue music and that was their purpose in life. The only challenge is that if they pursue music they might have a hard time supporting their family. I’ve also recently met an investment banker that loves what they do and would do what they do for nothing. Even though he would do it for nothing, his skill is extremely valued in by our society and provides him with an amazing income.

That made me think about our natural gifts and how valuable they are at different times in history and in different places in the world. Some people are gifted with a drive and determination to make a difference and would do their job even if they didn’t get paid, but they get paid very well (the investment banker). As for the musician, the odds of making a great living in that field is not very high and can cause a major disconnect between how we pursue our passion vs how we make a living. I was speaking with a new friend and he called this intrinsic alignment, when your business skills align with your personal motivation and together they produce financial reward.

For me, I’m a connector. I love meeting lots of people and making sure those that are in alignment get a chance to meet each other. Many might call this a sales skill, but I think of it more around the construct of business development. I happen to live in a pretty sizable city, so my skills of connecting people that might not have ever met has value. If I was born in another time without our communications systems or if I lived in a much smaller community where everyone knew each other than my skills might not be as valuable. Am I just fortunate that our society values my skills and it aligns with my purpose? I don’t know, and it this point I’m thankful that I can find a way to connect my purpose to how I make a living.

I understand how challenging this can be for some. I can see it being challenging when making a living competes with our inner purpose. On the flip side, I have traveled the globe pretty extensively and have noticed that those who live in more impoverished communities might not get the chance to align their individual purpose with their income producing energy. In the end they seem to be happy anyway. This seems to blur the lines between purpose, our inner drive, how we make a living and how these factors produce happiness and joy. I’ve been talking with lots of people over the past few years about this general topic and it seems like I’m in the minority in thinking deeply about these ideas. I know I’m not the only one who thinks about purpose and meaning and how it aligns with our work, and some have spent their entire adult lives on this quest. It does surprise me that most of our population doesn’t even think about these concepts. How can we move to a happier and more fulfilled culture when we don’t even think about what makes us happy and how it aligns with our work?

I’m not sure where to go with all of this so I welcome your thoughts. Is your work aligned with your purpose in life? Do you think about your purpose and how aligning with those that have shared purpose might bring more happiness and joy? If not, what is it that brings you happiness and joy? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

To connecting the dots …… one dot at a time!


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