Our Choice as Humans

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choiceMy entire life, starting as far back as I can remember, I feel like I’ve been taught to be a human doing. I’ve adopted a mentality to see what’s in front of me, analyze it and figure out how to get what I want and what I need. To accomplish goals and to achieve expected results, regardless of the method. I’m not sure that this learning has served me as effectively as I believe. At this point in my evolution I would consider myself on a journey from being a human doing to becoming a human being.

For the past decade plus (probably since I had kids of my own), I’ve had this belief about how we grow up in our culture. Having spent numerous workshops and volunteer programs with inner-city youth and so many young people that have been traumatized in their life, I’ve seen what a lack of caring and support looks like. I’ve seen what happens to some that don’t get what they need as children, and it’s not just the kids from the inner city that are being neglected, I believe it most of our children. Our current culture does so much to rip away what we need to become our true inner self. The only story that makes sense to me goes something like this.

From the time we’re born we are the student, watching everything around us and learning to become a person in society, what many people might call our ego. This learning is delivered by all of the adults and other humans around us. Once we reach the age of adulthood, let’s say 21, we get to make a decision, or not. That decision is very simple; do we accept ourselves as the person we were taught to be by all the influences that were introduced into our lives, or is it time to become the person we were born to be? It sounds like a simple question, but based on my evaluation, maybe 1 in 1,000 people are taught to be the person they were meant to be. So, what do the other 999 of us do?

Some of us go to our grave having never sung our song because we didn’t know we were supposed to sing. Some of us just scratch the surface of who we are and might get a glimpse of what’s possible. Then there are the few that go on an extensive journey to find their true self, the one they were born to fulfill. This search can start at any age and can be a glorious ride. The only challenge is that many people that I meet don’t believe that this is our journey. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this isn’t why we’re here, but to me it’s the only story that makes sense today. I would love to get your thoughts on this concept.

To connecting the dots ….. one dot at a time.

P.S. A short update on Ilise and her cancer treatment. After 3 weeks of poking and prodding she has finally started chemo and had her first treatment this week. She is in great spirits and knows that this is just a temporary situation that will pass. I never stated that this is stage one breast cancer, so the doctors are certain that she will have a full recovery after the chemo and radiation. We have set up a meal train for anyone who wants to support us over the coming months of treatments at https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/g0yeze. Thanks for your love and kindness 🙂


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