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Drew & Noah
Drew & Noah

Over this past weekend, our family participated in a workshop for teens called Motivating the Teen Spirit. The program was originally started by Lisa Nichols and is now run by a wonderful woman named Tia Ross and her right hand Matt Gil. They are extraordinary people doing work that is needed in our communities. Motivating the Teen Spirit is designed to help young people express themselves and gain self-awareness.

My family and I have been involved with MTS for the past two years. Both Drew and Noah have some good friends that they’ve met through the program. They enjoy the safe space to openly express what’s going on in their lives. Many of the young people that are involved come from local group homes. The experiences that we gain are priceless all around.

My daughter Drew recently created a poem for her Speech and Debate team at Carlsbad High School. The poem is all about what it feels like to be a 15-year-old girl in today’s world. It’s extremely powerful and earned Drew a place in the semi-finals of the state competition for her category. I asked both Tia and Matt about having Drew perform her poem for the other teens and before I knew it she was introduced.

For the next 7 minutes, Drew held the room captivated as they hung on each phrase. I couldn’t be more proud as Drew talked about her own self-perception, how others see her and what matters the most, what’s going on inside of us. The title of the poem is Insides Out. I’ve posted to video on Vimeo and you’re welcome to check it out.

I’m so proud of both of our children for the people that are becoming. I love seeing them blossom and come into their own. I feel that the world will be a better place because they are in it! Thank you MTS for creating a safe space for both our children and so many other teens fighting through adversity and the voice inside their heads. I look forward to being a passenger on this ride for many years to come.

To a life well lived!


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