No Bad Days

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Flower field pics at sunset outside of Prague
Flower field pics at sunset outside of Prague

About 10 years ago I realized that some of the days that I used to call “bad” were some of the most transformational days of my life. They seemed bad at the time, but in hind sight they were just days that had more drama, more intensity and more challenges than other days. Ever since then I have lived with the mindset that there are no bad days, that the more we label things as bad, or unreachable, or any other negative word, our brains and our bodies respond to those thoughts. I truly believe that each day is a blessing, no matter how much drama or challenges face me. In the end, those are the days that I learn the most.

So, do I believe we should have bad days? No, that’s not the ultimate point. I would hope that you will look at some days you have labeled as bad from your rear view mirror and see if they were that bad, but I believe the bigger issue is how powerful our thoughts and our self-talk control and influence our world. So many of us label ourselves as a night person or a morning person, someone who needs a cup of coffee each morning just to wake up, or a million other things that control the way we show up in the world. In 1993 I believed I was a night person until I decided I was going to become an all day person instead. Over the past 22 years I can’t tell you how much my energy changed in the morning and how incredibly energetic I am all day since making that decision.

Getting back to labeling days, I only hope that we can start to look at each moment as just that, a moment for us to experience and stop putting such harsh labels on things, especially ones that can totally transform our mood in a negative direction. If we are meaning making machines and we can make things mean what ever we want, why do we put on negative labels? Our minds do have a huge influence on our life and I hope we can all just take each moment as it comes, experience it for the joy and lesson it brings. Life is precious and each moment is precious as well. I wish you no more bad days and that you enjoy each moment for all it’s worth.

To a life well lived!


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