Planning Coming to an End

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Since early 2014 we have been doing planning for this trip, checking flights, looking at AirBnB for apartments, setting our itinerary and so much more. We purchased our Around-The-World tickets in October and booked our first couple of apartments at the end of the month. Over the next couple of months we worked on everything back in San Diego, moving out of our rental house and preparing for our new home upon our return. I waited to book any additional apartments or flights until we started our journey.

Over the first two months of this trip it has been almost a full time job planning our itinerary, booking apartments, driving logistics and making sure that we know where we are going and what we are going to see. Over the past 2 to 3 weeks we have finalized all of the details for the rest of our trip and have all of our apartments booked except for the last 2 (Bruges and Paris) but those should be complete soon. All our flights are booked, our leased car is reserved and I can actually stop thinking about the logistics and just enjoy the next 3 months of travel with everyone.

One thing that has made our trip even better from city to city is when the kids find other kids their age. So, I’m working very hard to connect with our AirBnB landlords and others to find schools or other facilities so the kids can meet other kids their age. I believe the rest of the trip will be even more engaging, especially as the kids get more engaged. We have even been able to get an invitation to a Passover Seder in Istanbul through some contacts I have been introduced to.

To say that this trip is taking on a life of its own is an understatement. The more we just let it unfold the more spectacular it becomes. I have enjoyed the trip so much to date and I’m looking forward to the rest of the trip unfolding as it should. The next stop is 13 days in Istanbul starting on Sunday, which should be a blast!

‘Til next time …….


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