A Simple Day w/ New Friends

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Orange sky at sunrise on Santorini
Orange sky at sunrise on Santorini

I woke up early on Wednesday morning to make some phone calls and was greeted by an orange sky that was just magnificent. Noah also awoke early on Wednesday in order to head over to the Independence Day Parade. We left the apartment and there was a mist falling from the sky, not really raining but a bit annoying. We arrived at the church in the main square of Emborio around 10 AM expecting the parade to begin at 10:30. At around 10:25 people starting to mingle and the word we got was that the parade was cancelled. We walked over to the Middle School with one of the teachers and found that all the kids were being sent home, so we did the same. No parade and no opportunity for Noah to spend the day with Dimitri.

When we returned to the apartment the kids decided to do their home work and focus on school so Ilise and I decided to go visit Akrotiri, the ancient city buried from the volcano explosion hundreds of years ago. When we arrived we realized that the exhibit was closed because of the holiday. As we were turning the car around to leave, the local bus dropped of three women who looked a bit lost. We pulled over to ask them a question and they were as confused as we were. We offered them a ride over to Red Beach, which was less than a mile away, and the conversation began. We spent the next 4 hours with Brenda, her sister Yalixa, and Genique. We walked around the town of Akrotiri and then a car beeped at us, it was Jeanine and Sarah, the two young ladies we had run into the past two days in Fira and Oia.

Ilise with Brenda, Genique and Yalixa.
Ilise with Brenda, Genique and Yalixa.

Jeanine and Sarah were heading to the Wine Museum, which was supposed to be open, so we tagged along. We sat wine tasting for the next 2 hours before all 5 women went off to dinner together. We had a great conversation and I took a call with a good friend back in the states in the middle. We purchased a 12 glass wine tasting for everyone to share and it was more than enough for all of us. I had some hot chocolate and Ilise had a bunch of the wine and cheese. The conversation was very lively and all I can say is the more time we spend with others the more interesting our trip becomes.

Red Beach after a recent rock slide
Red Beach after a recent rock slide

We returned to the apartment around 6 PM and decided to head to the BBQ place we had taken out from the night before. We all were able to choose the dinner we wanted, a choice between chicken and pork. Ilise and Drew had chicken while Noah, Karley and I had the pork. The food was so fresh and delicious, I could eat there every night. An added bonus was that the entire meal, with drinks, was under $30!

This time on Santorini, even with the rain today and rain expected until we leave, has been truly magical. I have found a new smile, a sense of calm and a knowing that this trip was the exact right thing for our whole family. I have loved every minute of this trip and I’m excited about the next 3 months together with just our family.

To a life well lived!


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