A Rotary Day

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Woke up early this morning to go to a 7:30 AM Rotary breakfast with the Melbourne Central Sunshine Club. I enjoyed meeting some of the locals and got additional insight into places to visit on our travels around the country. We leave for the Great Ocean Road in the morning and that drive is supposed to be beautiful. I’m looking forward to a number of photo opps and watching Drew bask in the glory of great picture taking. She has been having a ball taking pictures on this trip. I brought a tripod and want to set up at dusk on some rocks watching the water flow over them. This is something I saw when I was in Hawaii a few years back and have been waiting for a place to do it since.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet with a few phone calls and a workout at the gym. I then was scheduled to speak at an evening Rotary Club and had a meeting with a local business coach, Phil Archer, beforehand. The meeting with Phil was wonderful. He listened to my story and started to smile early on. In the end, it turns out that Phil’s story is very similar to mine. He was in a partnership that he ended around my age (he’s now 58) and has been coaching one-on-one ever since. He loves what he is doing and was incredibly supportive of my current plan. After that meeting I prepared for my 20 minute talk to the club. My normal talk is at least 40 minutes so I needed to decide how to really cut it down.

In the end I focused half of the time on my story about the three main teachers in my life and the other half on the core message of Success Redefined. The feedback from the audience was wonderful, with one women, Annie, thanking me so much for being the right messenger at the exact right time in her life. It’s moments like this that continue to show me that I’m on the exact right path. Phil approached me afterwards and suggested that I return to Australia later this year for their Success Conference. We will see how that works out, but the people here have been wonderful and I can see spending more time in Australia in the future.

We returned to the apartment after dinner and need to prepare for our drive tomorrow. We have some packing to do and I need to set up my out of office replies since it looks like internet access will be spotty at best. Looking forward to a bit of disconnecting and just being in nature.

To a life well lived!


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