Super Bowl Monday!

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So, since we crossed the International Date Line when we came to Australia two major things happened. First of all, we lost a day of our lives. 2015 will only be 364 days for me and the family since we are not going back across the International Date Line on our way home. This is truly a day we will never get back 🙂

Noah & I at Turf Bar to watch the Super Bowl!
Noah & I at Turf Bar to watch the Super Bowl!

In addition, it meant that the Super Bowl was shown on TV at 10:30 AM on Monday morning. Noah and I headed to a local pub called The Turf Bar, and upon entering they specifically told me “You will be sitting and eating food” since I was bringing a minor into a bar. In the end we ate a bunch of wings and watched the Patriots eek out a super bowl win. It was one of the more memorable games in recent history, but it looked like New England was going to be beaten by an amazing catch by the opposition at the end of the game. The Giants did it twice, with David Tyre’s catch and then the following Super Bowl Mario Manningham had an amazing catch on the sideline on the winning drive. I can’t imagine what Tom Brady and Belichick were feeling when that happened.

Yarra River from behind Flinder's Street Station.
Yarra River from behind Flinder’s Street Station.

While we were watching the game Ilise, Drew and Karley went to the John Paul Guttier exhibit. They found it facinating and Noah was very happy that he didn’t have to go! After the game Noah and I rented bikes from the BikeShare program in Melbourne. We rode the bikes around and met up with Ilise about 45 minutes later. The BikeShare program is pretty cool. For an entire day you can rent a bike for $2.90AUS (about $2.50 US) as long as you return it to another station within 30 minutes. Then you wait at least 5 minutes and you can get another bike. If you want to use the service for a full week, it was only $8/person. Pretty cool system and probably would have used it more if we knew about it earlier.

Lunch at the local soup shop!
Lunch at the local soup shop!


After meeting up with Ilise we headed to a local alley way we had walked down a few days earlier. Their was a cool little soup shop and next to it was a sushi/soup shop. Ilise and Karley ate at the first place and Drew and Noah tried something from the shop next door. Everyone was happy with their soup and Noah and I headed off to get two more bikes to ride back to the apartment.

We returned from our day and Ilise and I went off to an SVP event at The Australian Post. Before we went I thought The Australian Post was a newspaper, but it turns out that the Post is their version of the USPS, their postal system. The SVP meeting was really nice and we were able to speak with a number of locals about our travels north. We were given some great suggestions as we start to plan the rest of our time around Australia. We also met a number of really nice people that are trying to improve lives in Australia and around the globe. SVP is a special organization and I’m proud that I have been a partner for the past two years in San Diego.

To a life well lived!


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