Your Inner Self vs Your Inner Voice

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Another Carlsbad Sunset
Another Carlsbad Sunset

That conversation never ends. You know the one I’m talking about, that conversation that is going on inside your head, the one you have with yourself all the time. That voice never stops, it keeps talking and talking and talking. Over the past few months I’ve listened to two audio books, Taming Your Gremlin and The Untethered Soul. Both of them address this exact issue, what to do with this voice in your head.

So, why is it so compelling to guide our lives based on the voice in our head rather than listening to our soul? Is the voice that loud or are we just not aware that it is our inner self that should be our guide? As I’ve traveled the globe I’ve noticed that happiness and joy seem to follow those that are guided by their inner self, their instinctive self. Where I grew up it was all about the intellect, how much information you can comprehend and regurgitate. This process causes us to value thought and brain power over self and instinct.

As I’ve aged I have begun to realize that this boils down to one thing for me, being present. When I’m present, which means living in the moment that I’m in, then life is amazing. It is those times that I’m not present, when I’m living in the past (my story) or living in the future (my fears), where I lose my happiness and joy. The Untethered Soul talks about creating a new best friend whose dialog is the voice in your head. Imagine a good friend who talked as much as the voice in your head, was as pessimistic as the voice in your head and never stopped talking. What would you think of that kind of friend?

So, if you wouldn’t listen to that friend, why do you listed to the voice in your head? The more I’m guided by my reason for being and my heart the more amazing my life becomes. Why is this not the common case? Why are we so addicted to listening to the voice in our head, being pessimistic and scared and not listening to the beauty of our spirit?

Over the past 7 months, since returning from our global adventure, I’ve been practicing being present as much as possible. The more I show up present and there for others, the more amazing the journey becomes. Many people talk about living in the flow, including me, and this is where it starts. When you are present, available and listening to your heart the flow is all that exists. It is an amazing experience and I love what’s showing up in my life.

To a life well lived!


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