Israel Day 6

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Today started with a late sleep for everyone, we didn’t get to breakfast until 10 AM. Once we were done with breakfast we took a walk to the old city to roam around the Arab market. We met some cousins that came for Noah’s Bar Mitzvah from OKC. Larry and Ronna, along with their son Max. Max lives in Tel Aviv so Larry and Ronna came to spend some time with their son and join us for our special occasion. Max is a journalism major who is working as a teacher and is looking at some options to continue his education. Max loves soccer and wants to become a journalist for a soccer publication, so he is considering options in London.

Western Wall Panorama
Western Wall Panorama

Ronna and my mom, along with my brother who was really sick, stayed back at the hotel while the rest of us walked around the market for a couple of hours. We went on a search for the ideal picture of the gold dome of the Mosque in the center of Jerusalem behind the Western Wall. We made detour after detour and finally got our shot, along with an amazing view of the Wall itself. Along the way we were able to buy some finger food, like little candies, sunflower seeds, a few smoothies and some fresh juice. It was all part of the experience.

During the tour Larry suggested that we stop into the Church of the Holy Sepulcure. This is the church where it is believed that Jesus is buried. Christians from all over the world come to pray and see this church. There are 4 different Stations of the Cross located in the church and the surrounding area are where Jesus was crucified.

Drew & Ilise in Jerusalem
Drew & Ilise in Jerusalem

After the market and the picture taking we headed back to the hotel for a light lunch and met back up with my mother and Ronna. My brother saw a doctor late this morning and got some medicine and I hope he feels better tomorrow. I know that being sick in a foreign country is not fun at all. My brother-in-law showed up this morning and he was sick as well. I hope that everyone is feeling better in the morning, we have another big touring day tomorrow, mostly in the old city of Jerusalem.


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