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I have had numerous conversations with people this week about goals. The conversation was spurred by a conversation I had before my TED Talk with a gentleman who said to me, “you seem so passionate and driven, I am afraid you will disappointed because you won’t reach your goals.” Without even blinking I answered that I really wasn’t worried about that, since I was living my purpose I am not really worried about goals anymore.

That conversation got me thinking about goals and why we create them and how they affect our lives. I am wondering if goals are for people that are focused on success and achievement? If you are focused on purpose and significance, is just being present and following your instinct the right path to take? When we set a goal we normally will put blinders on until we reach that goal, but is that the best path to take? If a door opens that doesn’t lead us to our desired goal are we doing the right thing by not walking through it?

Over the past few months, since realizing that for me, all that matters is living my purpose, goals have seemed a bit less important. I am coming to believe that if you live your purpose you might not need goals, you just need to follow your instincts and be present. I am not sure how this will play out, but I am certain that I feel much lighter when I let go of the goals and just focus on being present. We are currently working on the book, The Disconnected, Connected World, and one of the main points is about being present. In the end all we have is the present moments. So, do goals help you be present or not? I don’t think so.

I will keep you posted on this process as I learn more about how this works in my life.

‘Til next time …….


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