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So, it has been a few months since I started the process of preparing for my first TEDx Talk. I enjoyed the process of creating the talk more than I thought I would. On the day of the talk I arrived at the KPBS, the studio at SDSU where the event was to take place, around 11:30 AM and didn’t talk until about 6:30 that evening. The actual talk was a somewhat anti-climactic based on how much I enjoyed the learning process, but an amazing experience in many ways.

Well, the entire process has come full circle and the talk is now posted on YouTube. You can see it at:

I can be critical of my own speaking ability and tell you what I would have done differently if I have another chance to deliver this talk, but I will leave the comments up to those who watch it. I have delivered the talk a few more times since the original one in late January and I know I can be even better in the future.

The last two talks were given to university classes and the feedback has been incredibly positive. I believe the talk works really well with young people and I look forward to delivering the talk to more universities in the future.

At this point I would like to take a moment to thank some key people that were incredibly helpful in making this talk what it was. First, I need to thank my wife, Ilise, and my kids for putting up with me through the process. They listened to version after version, expect for my daughter Drew. She didn’t want to hear it until the big night, which was understandable. I also need to thank the speech writer, Laurie Vincent, who was incredibly valuable. Along with Sue Caba, the writer for the book that introduced me to Laurie, these two ladies have been integral to the content development. I also need to thank my mom for all of her time invested in listening to me and providing some unique insights into the story.

In addition, there were dozens of people that took the time to listen to the talk over, and over, and over again. You know who you are and I thank all of you. So, to many more talks in the future and sharing the message to anyone who wants to hear it.

‘Til next time ……..


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