The Different Sides of ME

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Over the past few months I have started to think about the different parts of my life and how they all integrate together, but also how distinct they are. It is my integrated life, but it has so many different parts and different characters. I believe most of us wish that everyone that we love and admire can be part of the entire journey, but I don’t believe that is realistic. If I truly believe that our only reason for being is to find our purpose, at different times in our life we will require different people to help us move forward.

When we are in our early years there are so many lessons coming at us that it is hard to distinguish them all, so we look for support everywhere. We look at friends, parents, teachers, anyone to help us figure things out. As we start to mature we can start to segment the different parts of ourselves and begin to find individuals that can help us in those specific areas. In my life today I play so many roles, including father, husband, son, sibling, revenue producer, friend, athlete, philanthropist, world traveler, purpose pursuer, and so many more. In each of these areas I am realizing that different people are needed to be our guides.

I have always looked for “that mentor” in my life that would be the all knowing, but they never showed up. What has shown up is so many amazing people with their own perspective to offer value to my life. They all have their unique skills and areas of expertise, but when they get out of their swim lane their knowledge and wisdom is no longer wise. As I continue on my journey finding the people that can support my efforts to live my purpose different people will play in different parts. I believe we get in trouble when we include those who don’t bring the knowledge and wisdom for the projects we are currently engaged in.

It might come down to loyalty that we want to include these people, but in the end I believe we are creatures of comfort and we want to include those that have helped us get here, go there. At this point of my evolution I am not sure that is the best path. This is something I am starting to gain clarity on. I am looking forward to working with people that are examples of what I need to learn next, not just people that have been there from the beginning.

‘Til next time ……..


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