Finding My Purpose

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The process of developing my TEDx Talk has been such an amazing experience it’s hard to explain, but I will try. I thought that the speech would be the fun part, but the process has taught me so much. In the process I have learned more about myself and my purpose on this planet that I ever could have imagined. It has brought me such clarity in my life and my work and the talk is still over a week away.

At this point I have begun to realize what my purpose in life is. Part of my talk states that I am a Connector, actually a Connector of Connectors. I was put on this planet to connect with people on a deep purpose level. Most people I meet are more comfortable connecting on a surface level, sharing about their job, their favorite sports team or their favorite music. That is all good, but it creates surface level connectedness. In order to get to a deeper place of connectedness we need to connect on a purpose level.

I continue to find bread crumbs that point me in the direction that I need to go. I am really clear that my purpose is mine and I don’t need anyone else to agree or disagree. The fun part is just knowing my purpose. The project is to find others that share my purpose, people that see the world in a similar way to me and they are out there in droves. When I find them and connect with them my joy increases. It is my responsibility to find them, or leave my own breadcrumbs to help them find me. This blog, along with a new blog I will be launching at, and this TEDx Talk are my breadcrumbs to will lead other connectors to find me.

I am so excited where all of this is headed and can’t wait to see where this journey takes me and our family. It has been a great ride so far and it only seems to be getting better!

‘Til next time …….


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