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StartFor the past decade in speech after speech, when introducing myself to others, or just in normal conversation, I’ve described myself as genetically unemployable. After 25 years of being an entrepreneur one has a hard time working for anyone else. I have had thousands of clients over the past 25 years since I left GE in 1993, yet never a W2. So, for me to take a job at the age of 54 is one of the oddest things for me, yet it’s not add at all. The reason that it’s not odd and feels totally right is because this opportunity is perfect for who I am right now in my life. The fact that it’s a job and not my own enterprise is irrelevant, this is an opportunity for me to live my reason for being.

I’ve talked a lot over the past few years about learning who we are and understanding the gifts that we’ve been uniquely given. I believe we need to stop asking why we are the way we are and to seek out situations where we can shine based on those gifts. I’ve done a tremendous amount of work toward the main objective I took on over 25 years ago, that is to be present. On a ropes course in Aspen in the summer of 1993 I stood over a cliff and felt what it was like to be totally present, no distractions at all. That experience showed me how we can live our lives and I’ve been pursuing that feeling ever since.

When I meet with people these days I do my best to be as present as possible, to be with them. I believe that’s pretty unique in our society. I’m not saying I’m the only one who does this, this is not true at all. I know a lot of people that are extremely present and I really enjoy spending time with them. I do believe that the majority of our population are so caught up in their own thoughts that being present is extremely hard. In addition to being present I love getting to know people and trying to help them succeed. I love identifying opportunities that they don’t see, introducing them to people that they need to meet and connecting people to people, ideas to people and people to ideas. This is who I am, not what I do.

So, even though this new opportunity comes with a W2 attached to it, I am still living my reason for being. I’ve received so much positive love and support over the past two weeks and I’m so excited to live out this story. I’ve been very focused on living my life in San Diego, focusing on the local market and not needing to travel for work. I have been told by many that if I want to do the work I am looking to do and make the living that I want to make then I need to get out of San Diego. It could be as close as Orange County, yet to me that was a non-starter. In 2015, when we returned from our travels, I was 100% committed to living my life in San Diego. Now, with this opportunity with Corporate Alliance I can do that.

Over the coming months we will be introducing a lot of new people to Corporate Alliance, educating them what it currently is, what it can be in the future and how we can get there together. If you know anyone that should know more about what we’re building here please let me know. I can’t be more excited and more proud of the work that we’re doing and the journey ahead. I am living my purpose and life doesn’t get any better than that!

To a life well lived!


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