Flow, Patience & Acceptance

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Over the past month I haven’t blogged much. I believe it’s because I didn’t feel like I had much to say and didn’t just want to make stuff up. As for this post, I’m headed to another event today and am starting to approach my world in a very different mindset than I have in the past. Most of my life I’ve been a very impatient human being. I’ve always wanted everything to happen faster than the world wanted it to happen. This has caused me some challenges in my career, in my relationships and my entire life. This need for the answer to reveal itself is something that I looked at as a need. If I didn’t have the answer I was looking for I would not be happy.

I have often written about my thoughts about happiness. I define happiness as the state in which all of our needs are met. So, if I need to have the future reveal itself before it’s ready than how can I be happy? I usually walk around in a state of calm yet lacking that true sense of happiness and completion. Maybe, just maybe, letting go of the need for the answer to be revealed and just living with what is will provide a better experience. I seem to be approaching most interactions from a different place these days, one of more patience and one where I don’t need to have the answer. The truth is that the answer will always reveal itself when it’s ready, not when I want it to. So, the more I get to observe my world and just play my part the more happiness I feel. This might seem obvious to some, but to me this is some sort of awakening.

So how does acceptance fit into all of this? The other day I ran into a fellow dolphin, someone who I met a few years ago who told me that he was a “member of my tribe” yet he likes spending his time with sharks and helping them see the light. From the time I met him I thought that was so odd. Most of you that know me know that I share my story with anyone who will listen and I’ve found some amazing people that just don’t see things the way that I do, and now that’s just fine with me. Earlier on my journey if people didn’t agree I’d be disappointed, thinking that my ideas were not correct. I’ve come to realize that my journey is uniquely mine. There are others that I talk with that align with my views and that’s great, yet those that don’t are not wrong at all, they just live from a different worldview or a different inner voice that provides them with their own clarity.

If everything that we create in our world is just a story, which I truly believe, then none of this is true anyway. So, why be attached to other people’s responses? Why not just accept people exactly where they are and let their story be theirs. I believe I’m finding a way to intersect people where they are and then finding out why they’ve crossed my path. As a natural connector the question for me becomes, who should I be introducing them to and why? In addition to being a connector, I’m an extremely creative entrepreneur. How can I use those skills to help people who cross my path on a daily basis advance their initiatives? When I approach each day from this point of view I tend to enjoy the day more and live in a state of calm and I am more joyful. When I start to think about all the things that the world is not providing me based on the story in my head, that’s when the calm and joy go away. Does this make sense to you?

To a life well lived …..


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