Exiting the Cocoon Continued – The Ego

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monarch-butterfly-grass.jpg.adapt.945.1As I continue to come out of my cocoon, I am engaged in some of the most amazing conversations with people that are being more candid with me than ever. Why were they so afraid to share their true feelings before this process? Why are people not willing to share what they really think about you until we go through struggle? In exiting this challenging time I’ve realized that the greatest challenge that I face in my life is me. My own ego affects my world more than any single person, situation or event in my life. My ego tells me how I should do everything and until I destroy this “thing” then I will continue to live in the pattern that my ego controls.

Why am I saying all of this and where does it come from? I must tell you that I’ve started to surround myself with some of the most enlightened and aware human beings I have ever come across up to this point in my life. In the previous iteration of my ego I surrounded myself with people that knew business. Now, my objective is to surround myself with people that understand life, but not let go of the business acumen that I’ve gained. I’ve also learned that pursuing purpose and this “ego-less” life without financial resources is not much fun. Our basic survival in the manner we’ve become accustom to is step one, without that we either choose to restructure our lives or live in some form of stress. Let me say that getting totally rid of the ego is impossible, but I can create a new construct that is much more aligned with my true being, which is what I believe I’m attempting to do.

In reviewing A Course in Miracles, as well as most other self development programs, life is empty and everything around us is meaningless. The only meaning we see is the meaning that we put upon things, events, people and everything else. Our mind is what creates our reality, and up until this point in my life, my unconscious ego has ruled my life. It’s time to be much more conscious and understand how the construct that I’ve created is chosen, not unconscious. It all starts by simply noticing, noticing when we are acting out of habit, simply noticing our patterns and how we play back into old stories. Once we notice we can begin to make changes to our actions.

I’m really excited about the future and creating the meaning that fills life with joy rather than despair. We are such amazing beings that have the ability to choose how we view the world, unless we live in an unconscious state that tells us that everything is fixed and not that way. I’m also really excited about just being and not trying to do anything more. We have so much potential in our lives and until we can get past our story and our ego our potential will not be fully met.

To connecting the dots ….. one dot at a time!


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