Are You One Of Our Tribe?

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Step 1 To a More Joyful Life, Finding Your Tribe.

DSC_0069-001I had the pleasure of meeting Seth Godin about 20 years ago. He talked to me about the concept of Tribes. At the time, I thought I knew what he was talking about, but now I realize I had no idea. I thought that being surrounded by your tribe was strictly based on religious communities or something that you could rally around. What I have found now 20 years later, is that your tribe is made up of the people that are in alignment with your purpose in all aspects of life.

Over the past few years I have started to identify the characteristics of the people that I love and what makes me attracted to them. Not just those in my family, but those in my business life as well. My goal was to figure out specifically what those attributes are so that I can go find others like them.

I have found that all of the people that I know and love have four basic characteristics in common:

  1. The are self-aware and they are interested in self-exploration
  2. They are interested in leaving this planet better than they found it
  3. They get shit done! AKA: They are ‘doers.’
  4. They are total givers, or what I like to call dolphins

As I reinvent myself in a new business with no boundaries around what I can do, I have found that it’s all about the people. Who you surround yourself with will determine your happiness, fulfillment and ultimate business success beyond just financial return. Before I came to this conclusion I valued intelligence over just about anything else. Now, it’s all about shared values, shared purpose and finding my tribe, those with the four characteristics I’ve stated above.

Until you consciously explore seeking your tribe its hard to understand what it feels like to find your tribe members. But once you do it feels magical. I am meeting some of the most wonderful people in the world, people that are like-minded, like-hearted and together we can change the world!

If you are not feeling totally empowered to use your greatest gifts to their fullest capacity, I suggest that you start to analyze the types of people that make you happy. Figure out what they all have in common and go find more people like them in all aspects of your life. When you find your tribe and you don’t make exceptions, then I believe you will find a sense of peace and joy like never before!

To a life well lived with your tribe!


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