The We Inside of Me

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Kruezberg street art in Berlin
Kruezberg street art in Berlin

As we continue to evolve as individuals, it has become clear to me that who we are, how we perceive ourselves, and how we are perceived by others, is different at all stages of our life.

From an early age the world experiences us as pure love. As babies, we are just full of joy trying to figure out what it means to be human – what is this world we were born into and who are we in it? Over time, we take on a story about who we are and how we need to show up in the world.

As we grow, we learn about ourselves and who we are. We begin to learn from the world around us, how to act and how to behave. All of this learning shapes us as young people, but I don’t believe many of us understand all the sides of ourselves.

The first part of the ‘we inside of me’ is how we see ourselves.

  • What is the story that I tell myself about me?
  • Is it true and is it the way that others see me?

Which leads to the second part of  the ‘we inside of me’. How we show up in the world, consciously or unconsciously, is judged by people around us every day. Even if we know who we are, which is not very common, how do we show up in the world so others can experience the true person inside?

As we continue to evolve, we learn more about ourselves and sometimes we gain insights into how people view us so we can adapt to help people see the real person inside. There are so many layers that keep people from seeing the real person we have the potential to be. Part of the challenge is our own issue of how we present ourselves and part of the challenge is the bias that others have when they experience us. Who are we and how does the world experience us is a simple concept. The truth about how we live in the world is so much different than the reality.

There is so much learning that does not benefit us in life that teaches us how to act or react. I also believe that we take on a persona that does not represent us properly to those around us. So, how do we learn to be the best we can be so that others can see us for who we truly are? Especially when they have their own built-in biases and filters and life training. At the end of the day, being truly, authentically ourselves is the best self we can give the world.

To a life well lived!


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