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Last week the Success Redefined Tribe got together and collaborated on four things:

  1. Why Me?
  2. Who is our Target Market?
  3. Why Peer Collaboration?
  4. Why Success Redefined?

These topics are extremely important as we build our future together so I’d like to dig into them a little more – especially for those who missed the event!

Why Me?

I have created Success Redefined because what I do is who I am. I’m a natural connector. I’ve learned business models that allow me to generate income from connecting people to themselves and then to others – which is accomplished through coaching and peer groups. In the past 25 years, I have learned a skill set that blends with my natural way of being in the world, and it’s pleasure to do what I do.

Who is Success Redefines Target Market?

Success Redefined Kickoff Event
Success Redefined Kickoff Crowd

In other words, who are the ideal candidates to participate with a Success Redefined community? While my family and I were traveling around the globe, I had a lot of time to meditate and think. I took this time to analyze what qualities the people I truly adore in my life have in common. These qualities are:

  1. Being Self-aware or interested in gaining more self-awareness
  2. They want to leave this planet better than they found it
  3. They GET SHIT DONE!
  4. They are total givers, or what I consider dolphins

Why Peer Collaboration?

Bringing these ideal people together is so powerful. When we meet with someone and explain this type of person, most people know someone with these characteristics. The ultimate key to success and the joy we get in return is when we can connect those people to each other!  This is why peer collaboration is so important – it brings together the like-hearted and like-minded.

Why Success Redefined?

As we meet all these amazing people trying to change the world, it’s sad to find that most of them feel isolated and alone. Together we are infinitely more powerful and we can support each other on this amazing journey. We know that changing the world is not for everyone, and that’s OK. But, for those of us who have a burning desire to leave this planet better than we found it, we really need each other. Success Redefined in that community we are building together.

To a life well lived!


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