Networking on Steroids

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So, for the past 5 plus months I’ve been getting to know as many people as I can in San Diego. Well, at least in the northern half of San Diego county. I haven’t spent much time downtown, but from La Jolla to Oceanside I’ve been having a ball. I’ve always enjoyed networking but this has been a lot, even for me.

Over the past 20 years I have learned how to stay in touch with lots of people, trusted my gut to know who to stay connected with and who to let go and a system to keep track of everyone. In addition to the network I’m building in San Diego, I keep getting introduced to other purpose driven leaders around the country. So, you add the hundreds of people I’ve met here in SD and the dozens I’ve met virtually and the power networking starts to create some opportunities.

I’m committed to the plan of building a locally based company that caters to business leaders that are motivated by purpose and making a difference in the world. I keep meeting people from all walks of life, ranging from people my generation who want to use their businesses to do good; to millennials who want to learn how to make money from their purpose; to those leaving the military wanting to take the entrepreneurial track. I’ve also met people that have made lots of money and want to use it to do good.

Stir all these people in a pot and you have something pretty amazing. I’m so excited about what the next few years hold for me and this entity called Success Redefined. The book by the same title is now available on Amazon to be shipped, so let the game begin. If you know anyone in San Diego, or anywhere else in the country, that wants to make a difference please let me know.

To a life well lived!


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