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Carlsbad Sunset
Carlsbad Sunset

I’m starting a new business for the 4th, or is it the 5th, time in the past few decades. Having gone through this process before it is always amazing how much time it takes to move initiatives forward. As we mature we should gain some wisdom, and I believe that this time I need to be patient with the process. I set out a plan about 3 months ago and I’m pretty much on plan. When I returned from my travels I had lots and lots of meetings, 6 months of pent up meetings. Now that the mass flurry of meetings has come to a natural pace it’s time to enjoy the flow.

Patience is not something that comes naturally to me, that’s why I’m excited about the new wall unit that I have decided to build from scratch in our front hallway. This is a project that will allow me to work with my hands and contribute something significant to the house we just renovated. When we did our first renovation back in 2012, I was at the house every day and was an active participant in getting the construction finished. I enjoyed the process and felt like part of the construction crew. This time was very different. We were thousands of miles away, watching someone else do all the work and not being involved physically at all. Now, this project is my chance to participate.

In addition, I’ve found a neighbor, Tim, who’s a retired fire fighter that has his own wood shop in his back yard. Together we are building the cabinet and it’s fun to do projects like these with others. I spent about 4 hours with Tim yesterday and we built the base of the cabinet of the wall unit. Next we will build the boxes and then we will decide how to move forward with the rest of the wall unit.

In addition to the construction project, Drew is really excited, and nervous, about her first speech and debate competition on Saturday. Her first talk, titled “There,” is all about her journey to being more present. I’m extremely proud of her and what she has accomplished. Noah, on the other hand, just made his lacrosse team and starts practice in two weeks. He is also reffing soccer games every Saturday and making $35/hr! That’s pretty good money for a 13 year old. School is moving forward for both of them and life is settling into a rhythm.

In previous business iterations I’m not sure I would have enjoyed the other parts of my life as much as I do now. I know that the new business will fulfill many of my needs, both in satisfaction and financial return, but it will take time. At this point I am focusing on being patient, being present and enjoying the journey, something a bit new for me in the startup phase of a business.

To a life well lived!


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