Purpose + Connection = Joy

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Flower field at sunset in Czech Republic
Flower field at sunset in Czech Republic

I am about to launch my new book, The Age of Humanity. The content is finally coming together between myself and Susan Caba. Susan and I have worked together for the past 5 plus years – she is extremely gifted. Before we left for our trip she was 75% done with the book when I told her to stop. I knew that the trip would open my perspective to new concepts I would want to include. Come to find out, this is exactly what happened.

When I returned from our trip I had significant time to reflect on what I learned. I realized what it is that brings me joy. Before I left I thought my purpose was what brought me joy, that purpose was the key to everything. As I continued my journey around the globe I realized that purpose was not what brought me joy, it was only a doorway to that joy. The communities that I really enjoyed  all had something in common. Each of them had a sense of community and connectedness, that I didn’t find at home.

When I was in Berlin I met with an entrepreneur who asked me about this concept of purpose. He asked me if purpose was it for me, and it was at that point I realized that it was not about purpose. To me purpose is a doorway to connecting more deeply with others that have a shared purpose. The connection that I feel with others that have a shared purpose is amazing and somewhat intoxicating. I seek it every day with a sense of calm that let’s me know when I’ve met someone with a shared soul. Those are the magical moments.

In the new book, Susan equated this concept to water. Hydrogen and Oxygen are amazing elements on their own, but together they make water. Water is one of the most amazing things on this planet, but neither hydrogen or oxygen alone are water. I believe the same is true with purpose and connectedness. I believe together they bring joy, a type of joy that only can be created when you spend time with others that have shared common purpose. I believe that the cultures I’ve visited that are still in survival mode have an abundance of shared purpose because survival is their purpose. This causes everyone to feel connected on a deep level. I’ve spoken to many people who come from connected cultures and that connection is deep in their soul. I believe it comes from shared common purpose and being part of something greater than yourself.

I’m heading to a breakfast meeting with someone who I recently met and I believe that he has a deep shared common purpose. I know that together we can do so much more than we can alone. I’m excited about where this initiative is taking me and the people I’m meeting.

To the Age of Humanity!


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