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Carlsbad Sunset
Carlsbad Sunset

Over the past 6 months, I’ve had a lot of time to think about starting anew. I’ve decided to start from scratch – a new house, a new business and new relationships in San Diego. As I build this new life, I want to be sure that I am surrounded with others that have the same treasured values. In the past I was not very intentional about this, but now I’m very focused on being intentional and finding my tribe with these attributes.

I narrowed down my list of values in my business world, and realized that they might actually bleed completely into my personal world as well.

The three values are being self-aware, creating a better world, and getting shit done!

I believe that having a deep understanding of who we are and what we want to accomplish goes a long way. It is much more enjoyable for me if I create relationships with others who can express themselves. This helps us to be completely present when collaborating, and ultimately getting things done. I’m someone who needs to accomplish things each day. I really enjoy being productive and moving opportunities forward, especially those things that lead us towards accomplishing a common purpose.

There are lots of people that are doers, want to change the world, and have great ideas about what could be done. The important part is then executing. There’s something about being able to back up your ideas with action and results that is so enjoyable to be around. The more time I spend with others that get things done, the more powerful it makes me feel. Together, we can move mountains.

So, as I start from scratch, spending my time with purpose-driven world changers whom have self-awareness and can get things done will be extremely productive.

I’m looking forward to bringing this Tribe together!

To the Age of Humanity!


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