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Sunset last night at the beach
Sunset last night at the beach

I recently spoke at a couple of Rotary meetings. My first talk was at the Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary club, the one I’m a member of. I spoke about my family’s travels over the past 6 months. I shared where we went on our journey, why we went and what we learned. Then my daughter, Drew, shared her experience about what she expected from the trip before we left, and what she actually learned. Rotary opened a door for us to be able to connect with like-minded people in our community. The more I talk with individuals and audiences, the more I realize that there is a pent-up desire to have deep meaningful conversations.

My second talk was at the San Diego Breakfast club Rotary that meets at the University Club downtown. I spoke about my new book, The Age of Humanity, and its relationship to Rotary. As you will find in my upcoming book, I have found that deep human connection for me is extremely important. I was blown away by the reception I received from my speech. Rotary allows me to share my story from my heart. When it resonates with someone in the audience it leads to an amazing conversation.

Some of these conversations create new meaningful relationships. Usually, we can relate to one another in some way, or we can benefit each other. For example, I met someone who introduced me to another family that is scheduled to travel for a year with their two children. I was also approached by a wonderful woman who has been in the speaker business for many years. She was very supportive of my talk, and we are scheduled to speak about how to make my speech better.

The time is here to deepen our relationships with others; to be more genuine, to talk from our souls rather than our heads. I feel so blessed to be in the position that I’m in and I look forward to this new journey that is taking me to some amazing places with amazing people. Thank you Rotary for opening a door that I didn’t know existed, you are a big part of my tribe!

To the Age of Humanity!



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