We Are All Unique

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Sunset in The Hague in the Netherlands
Sunset in The Hague in the Netherlands

I had a few wonderful phone conversations this morning. One in particular was with my wife and kids who are away from home. As I was reconnecting with each of them, I loved hearing their stories. I couldn’t be more proud of who my daughter and son are becoming, and my wife for all that she is. After these phone calls I found myself in a moment of awe, but then something else came to me. In each of the conversations I realized how unique and different everyone was. I found myself being completely present on the phone; listening to their perspectives, and more importantly, learning from them.

A few years ago I delivered a keynote presentation at a conference that was titled, Deconstructing Change. The entire concept was centered on the fact that we all see the world through a different lens. Our individual DNA and experiences in life makes our realities unique from anyone else’s.

So, why do we continue to believe that others think the way that we do? That the voice inside of other people’s heads operates similarly to ours? Are there some truths that are constant for everyone? I believe these are important questions. If we think that others see the world similarly to us then we are simplifying people too much.

In the conversation with my daughter she was saying that no one takes the time to understand her perspective. Many are just making judgments about her from her actions or the words that came out of her mouth. Unfortunately, this is common in our society today. Many times we don’t appreciate another beings uniqueness. What we need to understand is that if we are all truly unique, then we each have a unique purpose for being.

The question then is, do we all have singular purposes or do we each come with a set of purposes that we need to accomplish? This answer is different for everyone. I know that I am unique and nobody sees the world the way I do. There are also many people whose perspective and unique purpose is similar to mine. They see the same changes that need to be made in our society and on our planet, but we all think about it in a different light.

I believe that in our uniqueness, lies our power. With those that see the world’s problems similarly to us lies a powerful tribe. This is a group of like-minded people who understand the same issues and want to make an impact in that area of focus. Together with our tribe, a diverse tribe, we can change the world in amazing ways. I’m looking to build a tribe of individuals that want to make the world a better place. They want to utilize their uniqueness around capitalism and profit driven business models. Are you ready to join

this tribe?

To a life well lived!


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