Finding Peace

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Our culture in the US teaches us that we need to follow the path from high school to college to a job to moving up the corporate ladder, with each step bringing a sense of self worth based on our title and things outside of ourselves. When I first meet people their initial question is “what do you do?” Why don’t people ask “who are you?” I think that’s a better question.

In the end, my journey to date has shown me that all we want in life is to be loved, we all want to feel needed and we all want to show the world how “successful” we are. But does that form of success, the one that uses job titles and our possessions bring us happiness? I have spent the past 20 years searching the globe for the answer to this question and I have come to a conclusion that our current definition of success, based on titles, income, the toys we have collected and so much more, has left me empty. I have learned to fill my brain and fill my wallet but that definition of success has not been able to fill the emptiness in my heart and soul.

The question is not whether you should be an employee or in your own business, I’ve spent 22 years of my life pursuing the entrepreneurship path. The real question for me is what brings meaning to our life? Just watch Taylor Mali’s YouTube video about what a teacher makes. Happiness and joy can be found in the most routine of jobs and roles. Until we understand where our meaning comes from, our pursuits will not fill that void. I have come to the conclusion in my life that what matters most is connecting deeply with other human beings, being part of something greater than myself and being of service to the world. This might sound like pie in the sky or something, but it is with this clarity that I can walk this earth with a sense of peace that I’ve never had before. It’s almost impossible to describe until one feels it. No more questions of who am I, why do I exist, what am I here to do. The only question I’m left with at this point is what is the next step on this amazing journey? How do I get still and decide what is the right next step?

I believe that we are all here for a unique purpose and once we get past our survival needs it is our responsibility to figure out what that is. Some people call this your genius, what it is that you do that no one else can. It’s that thing that comes so easily to you that it doesn’t seem like work. You are the only person like you, why are you here and what difference were you meant to make?

I am on this planet to help “successful” people understand what they mean by that word. I’m here to help people that have learned very well how to make money and attract things into their life but still feel an emptiness that they don’t know how to get rid of. I’m here to be of service to a world that provides us with so much yet can leave us feeling so alone.

If you are successful based on the definition that you’ve been taught and you’re still not happy I’d love to talk with you. I am here to serve and help you on your journey.

To a life well lived!


2 thoughts on “Finding Peace

    Richard Granat said:
    June 10, 2015 at 11:57 pm

    When you ask the question “What do you do?” most people are thinking about your career role, but I could simply answer the question when I am ask what do — that I parent, I grandparent, I teach, I mentor, I write, etc., I help people realize their legal rights., etc., and what I do is who I am.

      larrykesslin responded:
      June 11, 2015 at 7:31 am

      Richard, I agree 110% with the ability to answer the question any way we want to. The real issue for me is why is this the question people ask most often? Why are we so programmed to care what people do and not who they are? I look forward to spending time with others that care more about who I am than what I do.

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