Another School Day

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I dropped the kids off yesterday morning at their respective schools and went back to the apartment to spend some alone time with Ilise. We haven’t had much alone time with the kids with us 24×7, so it was nice to just spend time together. We needed to pick up Noah around 2 pm and traffic here is extremely unpredictable, especially when you have no idea where you are going and need to depend 100% on a GPS. So, we figured we needed to leave the apartment by 1 pm to get Noah on time. We found a nice Thai restaurant on the block to have some lunch and then headed to pick up the kids.

First up was Noah, who was in a school on the Buda side of Budapest. We spotted him at the soccer field playing with all the other kids. He seemed to be having a great time so we parked the car and waited for him to gather his belongings and come back to the car. When I dropped him off in the morning I was wondering if he would enjoy his day. He came back smiling and had a great time. He took an English test during the day, which was British English not American English. As always, his favorite time of the day was recess. It turns out that they had two recess periods at the end of the day so he was able to get out some energy with kids his age. In the end, Noah had a great day!

After picking up Noah we headed over to Drew’s school. She was supposed to get out around 3 pm, and by 3:15 we were wondering where she was? Finally, she came out of the school with Kitte, Andrea’s daughter. We asked Drew if she had a nice day and she said it wasn’t what she expected. Most of the kids didn’t speak English very well and they were all nice, but she didn’t feel as connected as she did in Greece or Istanbul. They have an opportunity to go to school again tomorrow and we will see if Drew wants to go back. Noah definitely wants to go to school again, so he will stay with Balazs, Andrea’s son, tonight and go to school with him again in the morning.

The rest of the day was focused on my Success Redefined peer group meeting, which I participated in via Skype from 5:30 – 9:00 pm. I have really enjoyed the time connecting with the peer group members each month and it is getting me excited about the prospects of building a purpose based business upon my return in July. The next stage of my life is pretty clear right now, it’s time to enjoy the last 6 weeks of our travel and prepare for re-entry to life in San Diego. I’m starting to focus more energy each evening on the new business and I’m looking forward to pulling all the pieces together and building something amazing when I return!

To a life well lived …..


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