Another Day of Misty Rain

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Mountain scenery in Oberau. Just stunning!
Mountain scenery in Oberau. Just stunning!

On Sunday the misty rain continued for much of the day, so we decided to spend the day at a pool/spa called Edelweiss. We booked messages for Ilise and I and the kids could enjoy the day in the pools while we were able to get some of the knots out of our body from all this travel over the past 3 months. We haven’t really treated ourselves to much on this trip, so this was going to be nice. Before we headed to the spa I took another long walk around Oberau. The surrounding scenery is just amazing and I really enjoyed my walks over the 5 days we were there.

Around 12:30 pm we rolled up to Edelweiss and there were military police standing at the gate asking for our ID. Now, I lost my driver’s license when my wallet was stolen in Greece and Ilise didn’t bring anything with her, we were just going to a spa, so we thought. We starting talking with the guard and he told us that we needed our passports, which we definitely didn’t bring with us. We called the spa and asked them what was going on and they couldn’t get us past security. We were put in touch with the hotel security and they told us we needed passports and to go back to get them. So, we were back at the apartment about to head back to Edelweiss and we received another call from the hotel security. It turns out that we can’t get into the resort at all, it’s a military resort and if we are not military then we can’t even get on the premises.

Big snail that was crossing the walking path in Oberau.
Big snail that was crossing the walking path in Oberau.

So, we were a bit surprised that when we booked our treatments nobody ever asked if we were military and that the spa was on a military base. They security person was very nice and suggested a few other options, including a town wave pool and another spa. We decided on the wave pool and headed in that direction. We spent almost 3 hours in the pool, where there were some big water slides, 4 or 5 different pools, 2 spring boards and two platforms to dive off of. One of the platforms was a 3 meter platform and the other was a 5 meter platform. The kids tried most of them and had a great time. Ilise and I spent some time in the pools and time relaxing. All is all, it was a relaxing day and we enjoyed ourselves. I believe that Ilise was a bit annoyed that we couldn’t get into the spa, but it all worked out really well in the end.

We returned to the apartment to make dinner and get ready for our 2 hour trip to Salzburg the next morning. We were expecting more rain on Monday where we were and the weatherman (actually, the weather app on my iPhone) said rain in Salzburg as well, but that was not the case.

To be continued ……


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