Dinner at Dimitri’s Tavern

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Last night we decided to head to Dimitri’s Tavern with our landlord, Rossetos. Dimitri and Rossetos are old friends and it was a really special night. We arrived around 7:15 pm and the restaurant was empty, just Dimitri and his wife, Stella. We sat down at a long table right in the middle of the restaurant and Dimitri showed us the menu. We looked it over and he made a number of suggestions, including some fried tomato balls and a couple of really nice salads. He also suggested some options for our meal. This place was so comfortable and Rossetos told us that Dimitri owns a farm and all the vegetables and meat come from his farm.

IMG_1099Dimitri suggested the pork steak for Rossetos, so I ordered the same. Ilise ordered a rack of lamb and the kids both ordered steaks. We also ordered a carafe of wine and when it came they brought 5 glasses. They told us that they always let their kids drink wine, so they gave a glass to Noah and Drew said she wasn’t interested. Noah was so excited to have his first glass of wine. He was hooting about the glass of wine and was clanking glasses with Rossetos and everyone else. He took his first gulp and chased it with his Sprite. Not sure he liked the taste, but I believe he was looking forward to the buzz. It was pretty funny watching him.

The salads came out a few minutes later and they were so fresh. All the vegetables, the dressing, all of it was amazingly fresh and tasty. Drew said it was the best salad she has ever had. We listened to Greek music and had a great conversation with Rossetos, Dimitri and Stella. We talked about Greece and their country and we talked about Santorni and the people of the island. This is such a really nice place and they just opened for the season on Sunday.

The family with Rossetos at Dimitri's.
The family with Rossetos at Dimitri’s.

The rest of the meal came out and it was just as good. We ate our meals, finished the wine and continued the conversation. We are really enjoying our time here in Santorini, and it’s mostly because of the people. When we were at dinner Rossetos mentioned that his cousin was the headmaster at the local middle school and called him to see if Drew and Noah could coe to school in the morning. In a few minutes he told us the kids should show up at 9 AM and he would drive us over there to make the introduction. This just made the night so much better, now the kids would meet dozens of local kids all at one time. Another bonus for staying at The Birds, the AirBnB that we booked. In the end, I enjoyed the meal for so many reasons and I look forward to spending some more time with Rossetos and learning more about the people here in Santorini.

To a life well lived!


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