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On Monday the kids went to school with Karley and Ilise and I had a day to ourselves. We decided to drive up to Port Douglas, a small tourist town about an hour north of Cairns. We were told by a few people that we should stay in Port Douglas, but we opted for Cairns instead. We left around 9 AM and drove up the beautiful coastline and arrived in Port Douglas around 10 AM or so. We walked around the cute town and stopped in a tourist shop to look at some hats. We asked the woman working in the shop for a recommendation for a restaurant to eat at and she suggested the Tin Shed, a local “club” that sits right on the bay. I lise and I walked in that direction and enjoyed a really nice lunch with some locals that gave us some hints about where to go later in the week.

At lunch in Port Douglas
At lunch in Port Douglas

We walked around town for much of the afternoon while I was on a phone call with the Success Redefined team planning our upcoming meeting next week. I really enjoyed connecting with everyone back in San Diego and we had some fun dealing with trying to connect onto a bridge line from an international location. There is a really funny YouTube video about a conference call that is just hysterical, I believe this one was very familiar to that video. It took us a good 15 minutes to get all of us on the phone and start our planning. In the end we came to some great decisions and I’m looking forward to the midnight to 4 AM Skype call next Tuesday from Perth.

When I was done with my call we went back to the hat store looking at the these Australian Foldaway hats with real alligator teeth on them. The hat looked really cool but I didn’t think I would every wear it again other than here in Australia. I wear baseball hats every day, but not sure about an Outback hat. Maybe if we see another one I will change my mind, but we passed on the hat that day. We stopped at the post office to mail a few post cards for Noah and then headed back to Cairns. It was a really nice, relaxing day, even though it was brutally hot. Did I say that the temperature here is around 90 F and about 80% humidity? You walk outside and you feel like you want to take a shower 🙂

Tuesday was our day to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, which I will share in a separate post.

To a life well lived!


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