Crystal Cascades

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Noah after jumping into Crystal Cascades for the first time
Noah after jumping into Crystal Cascades for the first time

Cairns is beautiful, but it’s also very HOT! We spent Sunday morning shopping for our weekly food staples and headed back to the apartment to relax. About an hour later our host, Derek, asked if we wanted to head to the river in the area called Crystal Cascades. This is a raging river with about 6 separate pool areas where locals go to swim on warm days. The pools were amazing and the river was pretty powerful. The first section of the river we played in had a huge rock that you could jump off of into the river, which we all did, including Ilise. If you know my wife, that’s a big deal!


Noah about to go down the rapids.
Noah about to go down the rapids.
Drew's hair in the river
Drew’s hair in the river

We met a number of really nice people at the river, including little 11 year old Taj and his dad Gary. Drew and Noah had a blast with Taj as they decided to head to a different area that had a section of the river that was like a water ride. Ilise and I headed down there about 20 minutes later and the kids were having a blast! They were going down the rapids and then swimming back up and doing it again, and again and again. They were there for over an hour and it wasn’t getting dark they would have stayed for another two hours more.

Crystal Cascade flowing
Crystal Cascade flowing
More Crystal Cascade
More Crystal Cascade

While we were there I got an opportunity to play with my camera and take some amazing pictures of the flowing river and of Drew having fun with the water and her long hair. As dusk started to approach the lighting was perfect for taking some amazing pictures of the flow of the river. I really enjoy learning how to use light in photographs. I have always been fascinated with photography and it is so much fun to see Drew have fun with it as well.

As it started to get a bit darker the biting flies started to find their way around us, so it was evident that it was time to leave. We went back to the apartment and I had some time to cook up a fresh pot of meat sauce and some pasta and we had a really nice dinner. We spent most of the night writing and watching clips of American Idol on YouTube. Not exactly the same as watching it on TV, but without access to american cable it’s the best option we have!

Looking forward to a quiet day with Ilise driving up to Port Douglas as the kids continue their school work with Karley. Should have some more pictures for you soon 🙂

To a life well lived!


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