A Day is Just a Day

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When we left San Diego back in January I’m not sure exactly what I expected from this trip. I knew I wanted to do it and I knew that it was the perfect time for our family. If we didn’t do it now we would never do this type of trip. I wasn’t expecting to shut down 4-Profit and not be actively working, but everything happens for a reason and I am enjoying the freedom. I also keep talking with friends and business associates every day and everyone keeps asking me what I have learned so far. My answer, a day is just a day!

I said at the beginning of this post that I wasn’t sure what to expect, but one of the things I did expect was that every day would be amazing. Well, I can tell you that we have had many amazing moments and have met some amazing people, but in the end, each day has been just that, a day. The more I allow each day to be nothing more the more I enjoy the trip. Today we spent 8 hours in a car driving, it was a long drive. We were all in our own little world on the drive, the kids watching some movies, doing some school work while I was driving listening to some TED Talks and other podcasts. It was just a day, similar to many nondescript days back in San Diego.

We did have a great conversation at dinner in this little town called Airlie Beach, but that was a bonus. I just need to let things be and not be so worried about making every experience the “Experience of a life-time!” Every time I do that the experience doesn’t live up to the expectations anyway. It is time to just enjoy the entire process and watch the kids grow up in front of our eyes. One thing that is happening on this trip is more communication between the four of us. We are expressing ourselves freely and the more time we spend together the more we gain an appreciation for each other. Back in San Diego we had so many distractions from friends, family and society in general. On this trip, it’s just the four of us and Karley.

Karley, the teacher, has been a great addition as well. She is thoughtful and calm and doesn’t cause any drama at all. We have really enjoyed her being with us, and she has done a great job helping the kids with their education.

In the end I am learning to enjoy each day more by just letting it be just that, another day.

To a life well lived!



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