A Day in Byron Bay

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We started yesterday deciding that we should go see some local sights knowing that Noah was taking a surfing lesson at 2 PM. We decided on a waterfall called Whian Whian and headed out in the car. There was nothing on the GPS for the falls so I just typed in the town and started driving. About 40 minutes in the GPS told us to go left but there was a sign that said to “Whian Whian State Park” go to the right. I wasn’t sure which way to go but thought that the falls would be in the park and decided to head that way. Well, 25 minutes later we were in the middle of nowhere and asked for some guidance. The person in a car passing said that it was a long way back to Whian Whian Falls but we were only about 8 km from Minyon Falls, which we were told about our first day, so we kept going.

Minyon Falls near Byron Bay
Minyon Falls near Byron Bay

After another 10 minutes we spotted a guy on a motorcycle and asked him where the falls were and he was about to drive out just past them, so we followed him. We ended up in a small parking lot with a man made observation deck to view the falls. We were so high above the forest it was kind of creepy. We were not just above the trees, the tops of the trees were hundreds of feet below us. The falls are said to be 330 feet above the bottom of the forest. We took some pictures and then decided to head to another viewing point where you can see the falls from a distance, and then the moment came for Ilise. We passed a car that was parked and he told us that there was a baby koala was up in a tree on the road to the look out.

View of the ocean from the top of Minyon Falls
View of the ocean from the top of Minyon Falls
Little baby koala at Minyon Falls
Little baby koala at Minyon Falls

Well, Ilise and the kids, along with Karley, were beside themselves. This little critter was just sitting in the tree and looked so cute they were just gushing at this little guy. He was pretty cute, but it is just a koala bear, what’s the big deal? We finished by taking some more pictures of the falls from a distance and headed back to the house so that we could get Noah to his surfing lessons. When we got home I was exhausted and decided to just relax while Karley went to the beach and Ilise and Drew headed into town. It was a quiet afternoon and evening as we cooked dinner on the bbq and then a quiet night with everyone watching one of the Hunger Games movies while I finished my first novel (Wonder) that I have read in years. It was a good night. Looking forward to making our way through an upcoming Cyclone this weekend.

Minyon Falls from a distance
Minyon Falls from a distance

’til tomorrow ……


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