A Walk in the Rain

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Monday was a cloudy and slightly rainy day, so we took it as a down day and will spent yesterday sightseeing in Sydney. I spent the morning writing and getting caught up on travel plans and then Ilise and I decided to go for a long walk. We were gone for over 2 hours and saw much of the Bondi area coastline. We walked to Bondi Beach, found all the cool shops on Hall St and planned to come back later in the day to go shopping at Harris Market, which I did with Karley, and then off on a coastal walk.

Salt water pool at Bondi Beach
Salt water pool at Bondi Beach

The walk was spectacular, even if it was raining for a good 30 minutes of it. We started at Bondi Beach and then passed through 4 or 5 more beach coves, including Tamarama and Bronte, ending up walking on the cliffs right below a huge cemetery. The first really cool site was a large salt water pool built right into the cliffs adjacent to the ocean. Since it was a bit stormy the water from the ocean was crashing over the edge of the pool. I was told that the pool was closed for a couple of weeks because of the large surf, which was pretty interesting.

Ilise and I walking the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk in the rain
Ilise and I walking the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk in the rain

Ilise and I were amazed that such a large cemetery had such great ocean views! I can only imagine what goes through the mind and heart of a real estate developer when they see that property. In the end, we got some great exercise and had some time to spend together without the kids. We definitely need more of those experiences on this trip.

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