First Morning in Wongarra Farm

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(written on February 5th)

Sunrise on Wongarra Farm
Sunrise on Wongarra Farm

I woke up early, before 6 AM, to try to get a picture of the sunrise over the ocean. Small problem, the property faces south and the sun rises in the east. Oh well, it was still a beautiful experience walking around the farm in the early morning hours, practicing picture taking and enjoying the fresh air. Both kids seem to be sleeping much more than they did at home. Not sure if that is their natural sleep pattern and they are just not designed to be woken up at 6 AM for school, or they just are more tired from traveling. We will see how that works over the next 5 months.

Koala in the trees sleeping
Koala in the trees sleeping

After the sunrise picture non-event, I decided to take a walk down the mountain to take pictures of the birds and animals around this area. I found a number of Koala Bears in the trees as well as a bunch of different birds. On the way back up Karley and Noah came past running. I’m sure that running down the mountain is a lot more enjoyable than running up it. Not sure Noah realized what he got himself into!

Wongarra panoramic
Wongarra panoramic

The views from the mountain were pretty spectacular. It is one of those views that pictures don’t do justice. The expanse of the water along with the blue color were just amazing. I took a bunch of pictures, but in the end the picture in my mind is so much better!

The house is very quiet and this process of not having a lot to do each day is interesting for me. I’m trying to just let each day be its own day and not try to make it into anything but. I did connect with a friend back in CA that I am doing some work with, so that was nice to reconnect with home, but I’m starting to take some of this time to just think and process and just “be.” I don’t know if I have allowed myself to just be in a long time, so this might be something to get used to.

I said right before we left San Diego that a big part of this trip was to learn how to introduce people to my heart first instead of my head. I will need to continue to work on that as this journey progresses. It’s time to just enjoy this trip, not worry about what happens afterwards, and help everyone else enjoy the trip as well.

To a life well lived!


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