Naming This Trip

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So, we traveled to Southeast Asia on our honeymoon in 1999 and we thought that was a trip of a lifetime. Since then we have traveled to numerous places, with a month in Africa with the whole family in 2012 deemed “a trip of a lifetime” by myself and others. Well, if those were all trips of a lifetime, what is this trip to be called? On the last flight from Auckland to Melbourne someone on the place said that this sounded like an Epic Trip. So, I believe we will start to call this The Epic World Tour!

Melbourne Skyline first night sunset
Melbourne Skyline first night sunset

We landed in Melbourne yesterday and were greeted at the airport by Amet and Kay. Amet was our bus driver who was hired by Kay to pick us up. Now Kay is a new friend that I recently met through my Rotary Club in Carlsbad. Kay lived in Carlsbad for a few years and is a native Australian from Melbourne. One of the club members suggested that I connect with Kay at the holiday party back in December and here we are. Not only did Kay help us with coordinating car service, she took us to the grocery store to buy food for our apartment, she has coordinated dinner with her whole family at her sister’s house on Friday evening, we will spend Saturday evening with her and her family, and she booked me as the speaker at her sister’s Rotary Club next Tuesday evening. She has just been amazing, Melbourne would not be the same place without the Ledson family 🙂

What is more amazing about Kay is the story of her son, Josh Wood. Josh is a quadriplegic who suffered a life altering spinal cord injury in a snowboarding accident over a decade ago. Josh is now walking and still snowboards even though he only has 5% function in his spinal cord. We get to meet Josh on Friday and I believe his is a story worth telling. I told Karley, our traveling teacher, last night that my wife loves all the history and the culture when we travel, me, I love the people and the pictures. I am so looking forward to interacting with all types of people on this journey, and Melbourne is a great place to start. I’m also excited about taking thousands of pictures to capture the memories for a lifetime.

Melbourne Skyline from Apartment first full day!
Melbourne Skyline from Apartment first full day!

It is nearly 6 AM and I’ve been awake for about 2 hours and already conducted a bunch of calls, which will work really well for me moving forward. I enjoy waking up early and will enjoy the quiet during the early mornings. I will get some calls completed and look to build a small coaching practice while we travel, helping people that want to start their own coaching and consulting practices. I have a passion for seeing others be successful and this is one thing that I can do to help support others on their journey.

Once everyone wakes up I believe we are going to focus on physical fitness as a family. With our teacher being an ex-collegiate gymnast we will get everyone in shape on this trip. My goal, come home 15 lbs lighter than we left. I love food, but I enjoy feeling healthy more. I will keep you posted on my progress. In addition to me, the kids are both excited about getting in shape, with Drew really getting focused on becoming an athlete and Noah begging for a 6-pack!

So, The Epic World Tour has begun and it’s time to finish up some work and have a light breakfast. I believe today will be a long and enjoyable day!

To a life well lived.


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