Photos From Israel

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We spent 12 days in Israel and I was able to take a lot of pictures. I have uploaded all of them online and wanted to share them. As we travel the world I will be uploading pictures everyday instead of all at once, but this time you are here they are:

Day 1 in Israel – Tel Aviv & Caesarea

Day 2 in Israel – Northern Israel w/ Israeli Army & Tzfat

Day 3 in Israel – Galilee

Day 4 in Israel – Jordan Valley

Day 5 in Israel – First day in Jerusalem

Day 6 in Israel – Shabbat in Jerusalem

Day 7 in Israel – Touring in Jerusalem

Day 8 in Israel – Theodore Herzl Museum

Day 9 in Israel – Noah’s Bar Mitzvah

Day 10 in Israel – Petra, Jordan

Day 11 in Israel – Snorkeling & Ice Skating

Last Day in Israel – Drive from Eilat to Tel Aviv

Enjoy 🙂



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