Relaxing Day in Eilat

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So, we head back to Tel Aviv tomorrow and had a relaxing day in Eilat today. We started out sleeping in late and had to wake the kids up around 9:30 as we were meeting the tour guide, Ron, in the lobby at 10 am. We had a choice between going to the local aquarium or snorkeling. The grandparents all opted for the aquarium, and the rest, Drew, Noah, Ilise, Uncle Kenny and myself opted to go snorkeling. This was the first real chance to use the GoPro under water, and it was pretty amazing. I created a video if you want to watch it.

This picture was taken snorkeling in Eilat with a GoPro.
This picture was taken snorkeling in Eilat with a GoPro.

When we got to the beach we thought the water would be warm, but it was not. We asked if they had wet suits in the park and they said no, but there was a small shop across the street and we headed over. We met the owner of the shop, Igor, and he provided us with everything we needed. We all got summer suits and booties, flippers along with mask and snorkel. We headed back to the park and jumped in. We also took a bunch of pictures under water which came out pretty good as well.

Drew and Noah had a great time, as did the rest of us. There were lots of fish right under the dock as there was a very long coral reef right along the shore. A short way out was another small reef with lots of fish, including tangs, puffer fish and thousands of others. It was a little playland down there. We stayed in the water for about an hour or more and I could have stayed in even longer, but it was time to meet the rest of the gang. We got out of the Red Sea and hit the showers, which had really warm water that felt great.

Drew & Noah Ice Skating in Eilat
Drew & Noah Ice Skating in Eilat

After snorkeling we headed back to the hotel and then to lunch at a local mall that had an ice skating rink. The kids wanted to go ice skating so we got them skates and sent them on their way while Kenny, Ilise and I headed to lunch. The kids had a blast and skated for nearly 1 1/2 hours. When we came back from lunch and thought the kids would be off the ice and running around, but they were still skating. After the skating the kids had their lunch, mango ice cream!

All is all, another great day in Israel. Tomorrow is a long drive north and a night in Tel Aviv before our long flight home on Saturday. Ilise flies to NY with her mom and the kids and I go to Istanbul and then on to LAX.

‘Til next time …..


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