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I delivered my first ever keynote for Success Redefined on December 3rd at the NexGen Cloud Conference put on by The Channel Company. They were very concerned that the content would not resonate with the audience, they even had me speak with their advisory board to make sure the audience was able to relate to the message. I spent time at the beginning framing the challenge that the IT industry has, including the fact that we have lost our way as an industry.

When the IT industry first started, the objective was to improve our lives. Have we really done that? Can you sit and read this message and honestly say that technology has made our lives better? I can’t. In some ways it’s better, but in many ways it has taken over our lives. I believe we are in a bubble phase of technology adoption, where the technology is not as useful as we would like, but everyone uses it anyway. There will be a time in the future when technology just “works,” but we are not there just yet.

In the end The Channel Company was very pleased with the speech. I hired a video production crew to film the entire event, including interviews afterwards. Tom and Eddie did an amazing job and they are both very excited about the work around this topic. We have created a 2 minute reel and a 13 minute reel to promote future speaking opportunities.

I have learned a lot in this process and look forward to delivering this talk many more times in the coming years. I have been practicing for this opportunity for over 2 decades, and now it is time to share this message as much as I can.

I will be speaking at Rotary clubs on our world trip and will look to find other venues to present this content. If you know anyone that can help getting this message out please let me know. We will be traveling to Australia, Dubai, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands and France. I also have an opportunity to speak in London for a Vistage group. If you know anyone in any of these countries please let me know.

We will see where this all leads, but the first step, recording the message and getting it online, it complete.

To a life well lived …….




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