Staying Connected

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Well, we are four days into our trip to England and the wifi options here are pretty ubiquitous. I did not purchase a SIM card, but if I did and I had a local cell phone number I would be able to use free public wifi in most places. I know that when we go for our year long journey it might not be the same in most places, but then again, it just might.

Staying connected to the internet is a good thing for our present life, connecting with friends, family and business, but it keeps you from totally unplugging and experiencing the local venue fully. It will be very interesting how I will function when we travel as well as how Ilise and the kids will. I want to see how much I feel I need to stay connected and how much I can and will unplug. With everything I am working on with The Disconnected, Connected World it will be interesting to see how disconnected I might let myself get. I enjoy my electronic connectedness but also know that unplugging is really valuable in so many ways.

In England, and probably most of Australia, Europe and South America, we should get pretty regular wifi. In some remote parts of Asia and rural markets it will be interesting to see how technology has permeated the world. In Uganda it was very available, even in the rural north of Gulu and in the east in Mbale. We might have to pay for the access, but it seems to be there.

I will keep you posted as I learn more on our travels.

‘Til next time ……..


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