Preparing, And Preparing…..

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It is a bit more than 2 weeks from my TEDx Talk and I am getting the script for my talk locked down. I have received feedback from numerous friends, I am working with a professional speech writer and the book writer and it has been a blast. When we started I thought that the best part would be delivering the speech, and it might end up being that way, but the process to get there has been amazing.

I have learned more in the past few weeks than I have in a long time. I am learning about myself but I am also learning about what is really important in my life. The concept of the talk is all about connectedness and I believe that is why I was put on this planet. I have some solid business skills, but being a connector and putting puzzle pieces together is why I am here. I do that with our business, 4-Profit, and I do that with friends and now I am doing this in the social enterprise community. I get so much joy from playing this role I can’t even explain it anymore.

I am looking forward to finalizing my script in the next 48 hours and then practicing for the next 2 weeks so I will be prepared to do my best. I am excited about where this is leading and the people that I am meeting.

The title of the speech is The Disconnected, Connected World and we just reserved Hopefully we can help people to connect with others that have a shared purpose, that is something I have realized is one of the keys to living a fulfilling and joyous life.

‘Til next time …….


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