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So, I have been at Opportunity Collaboration for the past 4 days and so many different thoughts have run through my head it is amazing. One theme that keeps coming up to me is this concept of focusing on what we do well vs what we want to do. So many of us want to effect the world and create change yet we don’t have the skills, temperament, life experiences, or whatever, to accomplish our goal. As I sit here maybe there is a different way to achieve our outcome.

In the US culture I believe we are taught to take action and be “The Change” that we want. But if we don’t have the tools to execute might it prove more effective to find organizations or people that have the skills, drive and determination and support their efforts as a first course of action? Just because we can start a company or an organization of change, does it mean we should?

If we changed the question from how to be the change to how do we create the greatest opportunity for success in the change we choose to create, might we end up with a different course of action? Might we look to take what we do best and apply it to projects and initiatives that have a greater chance of succeeding?

While I have been at this conference, along with my history of what makes a great company, it is not always about the founder. There is always a team behind that leader but the leader is the one who gets all the credit publicly. What if we started to glorify those that are helping support that leader so they can go out and tell the story while someone else runs the business? How do we take inventory of what our gifts are and use them in the most powerful way possible rather than creating the next new organization of change?

I am not sure of the answer, but I do know that not everyone is meant to start and lead a company. So, if you want to change the world and aren’t so ego driven that you need to start your own initiative, go find that young leader who needs you skills and put them to good use. There are so many amazing causes that need your skills, please don’t waste them on an initiative that won’t make the impact that you want it to. In the end, do you want to solve the problem or do you want to be the answer?

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