Amazing People Changing the World

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I am sitting in my hotel room just reflecting on the past 3 days. They have been a whirlwind. I attended Opportunity Collaboration last year and it was amazing, but this year is just beyond, beyond. So many smart people dedicating their lives to changing the world, it makes you feel so small. The stories are endless, but the amazing part is that I know I can help.

I decided over the past 6 months that my role in this space of social enterprise is not to start anything new or to own a business, this work is my gift, what I do to make the world a better place. 4-Profit, the business I have been building with an amazing team, provides a living. Trying to earn a living to change the world is not necessary, it just feels so good.

Over the past 3 days I have met close to 100 people that all have their own stories. One of them, Katie Meyler, has truly touched my heart. Katie founded an organization called More Than Me and she is building a school in Liberia for 240 young girls. The amazing part of the story is that Katie Meyler has been sleeping on other people’s couches for the past few years and barely had enough money to run a small non-profit with 2 staff (including her). But, last December she won $1,000,000 prize from Chase bank to support her efforts.

She is so full of life and has such passion that drives her, but she is so humble and doesn’t own the fact that she has the power to change the world. There are so many people like Katie out around the globe doing amazing work and they don’t get much credit but they do get love. We all live our lives seeking love and appreciation for the work we do, but it seems like the communities that I live in don’t see it that way.

Why are we here? Is it to gather as many toys as possible and enjoy the beach and surfing (not that these things are bad)? Or, are we here to leave this place better than we found it? Nothing against enjoying our lives, I certainly enjoy mine, but giving back in a meaningful way is critically important component to person’s satisfaction.

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