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On our journey there are epiphanies that come along every so often, those moments of clarity that just propel you to a whole new place. The passion and energy your feel are amazing and the enthusiasm can be contagious. When you come to those forks in the road, how you decide to move forward will determine your ultimate success. As I begin to formulate a plan to increase the socially responsible activity in my life, execution will be so vital to my long-term impact.

I have realized that most times in my life when I get to those moments of clarity I just jump in head first and see what happens. In most cases that has proven to be somewhat effective, and I have always learned valuable lessons. But, I have seen patterns where just a bit more planning and due diligence might have produced a more effective result. This time, living my purpose needs some time to germinate. How do I best use the skills that I have to make a difference.

I had a call today with someone that I will meet at an upcoming event. His name is Lloyd Taylor and he is a successful technologist who has been involved in socially responsible projects using technology. His comments to me focused on taking my time to learn what everyone else is doing first and then pick the pieces that I like best and create the project that I want. We have often said at 4-Profit that there are very few “new” ideas, just a lot of people copying what others are doing.

In the end, living my purpose will not come down to my passion and determination, it will come down to my ability to execute on a solid, well thought out plan. The simpler and clearer the plan is, the better. So, it is time to take my time, something I have not often done in my life. Over the next 6-12 months I will continue to study and learn what others are doing in the area of using technology for social change. I will pick the concepts that fit with my ideals and then I will create a plan of action.

I am so excited about this part of my journey and look forward to enrolling anyone and everyone that wants to come along. If you have any interest in learning more about what I am thinking about, stay tuned or reach out to me directly. I am more than happy to share đŸ™‚

‘Til next time ……


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