August 10 – First Day in the Mara

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We arrived after a 33 minute flight to a small dirt runway. Waiting for us were two young men with a Land Rover. The first thing comment by one of the young men was he was expecting 4 people (we are 5) and that we were staying for 2 nights (we are panning to stay for 5 nights). This was not a very good sign. We all loaded into the truck and started driving to the campsite when the car died. Yes, the car just died and we tried to push it to jump the clutch and get it to start. That didn’t work.

Luckily the camp site was only a short walk from the airstrip so we took our carry bags and started walking toward the camp. We walked through the woods and a small area with lots of rocks to the entrance of our lodge. When we were in Amboseli there we 7 of us total, our group and Geeta and Kirthi. When entered Siana Springs it was like we entered a little city. There were lots of people mulling around and we weren’t sure what to expect. In the end the campsite houses close to 100 people each night and due to the wildebeest migration this is high season and the place is packed!

They are still working out the number of nights, but our flight out is not until next Wednesday so we are here for the duration. Someone else might have a small challenge with rooms for a few nights but I think we will be fine.

We are working with the balloon companies to schedule a balloon ride for the whole family tomorrow. That means a 4:15 wakeup call for a 6 AM ride. We have heard amazing things about the balloon ride and are looking forward to it. Our dinner last night was rather nice. A big buffet with lots of options for everyone. Even the kids had a good selection. For me, I was so full from lunch that I had some soup and a small plate of food and couldn’t even finish that. After dinner we saw a short presentation about the animals we were planning to see in the Maara and then Drew and I headed back for sleep.

All in all it was a very long day and I was really tired. Looking forward to a great day in the park today and seeing lots of animals, birds and everything else.

‘Til next time ……


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